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Radio Baby

4.0 ( 3680 ratings )
Forfatter: Herneva

The brand new Radio Baby app is here with its new user interface and plenty of features. 24 hours of fairy tales, children music, lullabies and classical music. You can also pick one of the eight mood categories depending on your needs.

Live Radio
Our schedule is consist full of childen’s and babies’ favorite songs with relaxing melodies. With professional help, we are planning our schedule for energetic hours and sleeping times.
Mood List
Sleeping hours, eating habits, psychological and physical health issues are diffrent for every child. Because of that, every child can’t benefit same from live radio. As a solution, we created rich categories like “Birthday Songs”, “Natural Sounds” or “Play”. You can choose the most suitable music type from these categories for your child.
Create your own list
You can create lists from your children’s favourite songs, lullabies and stories and open them whenever you want.
General Song Search
Without lullaby or song diffrence, you can search and find them by their names.
My Records
You can be with your children even when you are far away by recording your voice to the radio.
Sleep Mode
You can set a time to shut down Radio Baby automaticly.
Language Options
With language options, your children can listen Turkish and Russian songs in addition to English.


How can I sign up?
If you haven’t sign up before, you can use “Sign up” button or select sing up with Facebook. Our new users get one week free trial to Radio Baby without paying anything. At the end of the one week, you have to buy the app in order to continue using the application.
Note: You can sign up with a device once.